Pray A Little. Eat A Little.

Evan’s grandfather is just about the neatest person I’ve ever met. I gravitate towards eccentric, strong and creative people…even though they sometimes intimidate me. If you can tell a good story or talk in creepy little voices (funny creepy, though)…then come my way. And if you are a 91 year old Jewish man with a heavy a NYC accent, all the better. Bring it. Talk to me loud. Tell me how it is.

Julius Lentz lives in a way-up-there-high apartment on 5th Avenue. He lllllloves the city. I believe that he questions the sanity of people who chose to live the quiet “suburban life.” Life without noise and commotion…well…it is life without life.  One time he stuck his head out his apartment window and gazed down at the honking, seemingly angry traffic. The electric chaos of the city had me on edge. He took a deep, smooth breath in and smiled. I relaxed.  “I am just so lucky. I get to see this every day. What a lucky man I am”. He said something like that, but just imagine the accent….that makes it way cooler.

Julius Lentz was once an amazing artist. He whittled hunks of ugly wood into smooth and shapely figures. He was also a hard New York lawyer. I imagine that when he walked into the court room, his presence alone demanded respect. The men in the Lentz family do love a good battle.

Julius Lentz enjoys little nips of brandy in the evening. He likes Bagels with lox. He is always making sure that I know just how handsome his grandson is. “Isn’t my grandson handsome?” I really can’t get enough of his accent!

Evan’s grandpa isn’t doing so well, and the whole family has flown out to NYC. I am back in Boulder praying and keeping the Lentz family in my heart. I give gratitude for knowing such a vibrant, wonderful, funny man. And I give gratitude for his presence and influence in my boyfriend’s life.

If I could fly out to New York right now, I would cart this dish of warm, comforting butter chicken. I would serve it atop fluffy beds of jasmine rice and pour you cups of healing fresh chai.

Comforting Butter Chicken (click to be flown to the recipe!)

I found this wonderful recipe on Pioneer Woman’s rockin’ blog, Tasty Kitchen.

Follow the recipe above. I added 1 tablespoon garam masala and used 1/2 & 1/2 instead of heavy whipping cream.

All photos were taken by the talented and very handsome, Mr. Lentz.


Memoria This dish looks so comforting. I wish I could fix me a plate/bowl right now.

Evan That is so sweet of you Kirsten – what a wonderful post! My grandfather Julius Lentz would like it too.

Lauren Do you have the recipe for this dish? It looks SO good and I would love to be able to make it.

Kirsten Hi Lauren! The recipe is linked to Comforting Butter Chicken written in Blue. Click on it and it will take you to Pioneer Woman’s blog, Tasty Kitchen! You will love it!

Melissa that was a really wonderful post. you’re an excellent writer, kirsten (also, that dish looks delish!)

Nicole Infante Do you have the recipe for this? My husband would love it. I am from Michigan but we are in Barcelona right now. I was just thinking how much I miss my quiet hometown and wondering how people could like living in the chaos of big city life and metros and traffic. Then I read this post and think how charming this grandfather must be and how people like him are the life blood of big cities and that is what keeps us coming back to big wordl-y cities. This recipe represents big world city-ness. I would love to recreate that in my own kitchen. Thanks for the post!

Kathy Mr. Julius Lentz sounds like an amazing man, I love that he’s a real New Yorker, Lawyer and Artist. Yup, I imagine you’ve had some great conversations. I’m thinking of both you and Evan. Beautiful post.

Kirsten Thanks Kathy. You are wonderful and amazing. We love you so much!

SarahWalk Kir,

Butter chicken happens to be my favorite. I feel like you only make food I love. Which is weird, because, even though we haven’t lived next to eachother for a decade, you always know what I want! I adore you.

Sorry about Evan’s Grandaddy. I love you both so much.

Robyn WHERE did you get that dish?? It’s so beautiful! I need one just like it now, haha!

Kirsten Hey Robyn! It is a Le Crueset Dutch oven. As they are a bit pricey, I was lucky enough to receive one for X-Mas. If you decide to invest…it will last you a lifetime. It is the most versatile and reliable cooking dish I own.

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