Get Your Steam And Scream On!

WOW. The past few days have been mania. It concerns me greatly that my neighbors haven’t called the cops on me yet. They should have. It probably sounded like I was dying over here. Lots of muffled and unmuffled screaming. Lots of blood pounding in my brain. I’m in a rage, and armed with my bunny ring. Watch out.

I know that I am blessed to live in a country where anyone who is industrious enough can do anything they want. We have so many options and resources available…perhaps it is almost too much sometimes? There are about a dozen different paths I could chose to get to where I want to be in life, it’s just a matter of choosing one. But I want them ALL damnit, which is causing me to feel paralyzed and terrified. Which way do I go? The thought of picking the wrong route is making me hang out in the sidelines, anxiously biting my fingernails to the quick!

OK. Calm down. Float back to a time of ease and comfort. My grandmother’s house and Turkey Soup. A steamy kitchen wrapping me up in a big hug. Yes…Turkey Soup. But I’m feeling feisty and freaked! Let’s spice it up and dress it in ass-kicken combat boots with a side of “cha cha cha”, shall we?

I had the carcass and a few baggies of meat from my 11 pound Easter turkey in the freezer. To make some Turkey stalk, I popped the carcass in a big pot, filled it up with water (just barely covering it), and brought it to a simmer. I simmered it with the lid on for just over 2 hours. One trick I learned from Evan is to simmer the carcass with some of the juicy skin. When done simmering, take the carcass out, strain your broth, and see if there is any salvageable meat.

Very Brothy White Chili Turkey Soup ( to make it thicker, just reduce the broth by about half!)

Recipe adapted from Simply Recipes


15 cups more or less Turkey or Chicken Broth

2 Cups more or less shredded cooked Turkey or Chicken

2    15 Ounce cans White Beans, rinsed

3      4 Ounce Cans chopped Green Chilies

6 Cloves Garlic crushed

1 Jalapeno, chopped, seeds discarded

2 Carrots sliced

3 Stalks of Celery, sliced

1 medium Yellow Onion, chopped

1 Tablespoon Dried Thyme

1/2 Teaspoon Dried Coriander

1/4 Teaspoons Cayenne

1 1/2 Tablespoons Cumin

Lots of Salt and Pepper to taste


ummmmm…add everything to your soup and simmer for about 30 minutes with the lid off. See how easy that was? If you are having a meltdown like me, stick your face over the sexy steaming pot and let the healing begin. If you need to scream, just make sure your hair is pulled back and your face isn’t too close to the bubbling liquid. If you are making a thicker stew, then keep your lid on the pot, but you can still scream if you must. This soup isn’t too spicy but it does have some kick. If you like more zip, add extra cayenne.

Ahhh…much better now. I got my steam and scream on! Turkey Soup is the secret to everything.


indngirl1970 that was hilarious. my daughter and i screamed…

Kirsten haha! good!

Crepes of Wrath My throat has been scratchy for a few days, and I think this would be the perfect to cure what ails me! I love that video, too, that little girl is so adorable.

Kirsten Oh….this soup will heal your icky throat. Isn’t that girl a trip!!! I love the whole crisco thing “what is this stuff? This stuff is horse poop”. Ha!

SarahWalk Kir, there is no wrong path! Choose the one you most love, if it’s not working out….then choose again! Life is not short!
Then, if you still aren’t satified, stick your face in a pot of turkey soup!

marie i responded to your comment on my 227 letter, on my blog. marie

Christopher Mills I really love to eat lots of different kinds of soup specially vegetable based soups.-‘,

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