Hold On To Your Hats! Easter Mania Is Here!

Easter is magic. The building of nests, new green shoots, hungry baby birdies, and a fresh start! Vibrant colors and reawakening. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

I am here today to scream at the top of my lungs “Easter is not just for small children!!!” My grandmother, Mama, received an Easter basket every year of her life until she passed away at the age of 86. That’s the norm with us. Easter is a big big deal in my family. You might say it is the holiday. If we had to chose between Christmas and Easter…that would be the simplest decision ever. Is that blasphemy? Maybe we just vibe with the resurrection. Or maybe deep down we are still viking pagans, celebrating life.

This was my great great grandmothers egg slicer. My Mei Mei thinks it looks like a medieval torture device. How appropriate that the little eggs in the background are huddled together, looking quite worried. Evan’s photography is blowing me away more and more these days. Everything I throw him he turns into a masterpiece. He has earned a super big Easter basket this year, filled with all sorts of things that men love to devour.

Easter is a time to act wacky, jump up and down with glee, feast, set new goals, and wake the heck up!

This year I am grabbing the torch and running with it. I hope people can keep up. We are having a fiesta over her with Turkey, a very bazaar Easter Egg Hunt, and lots of little bunny shrines in every nook and cranny.

Before I delve out the recipe for this beauty, I have a secret to tell you. How do you ruin a yoga teacher’s day? Bring them a cupcake! I brought in a couple of these yellow cake and ganache cupcakes to my studio yesterday, and I’m pretty sure they hate me now. They looked as though they were pained by the sight of these treats, and not in a good way. Oh, well. Now I know how they stay so thin. Glad I’m not them, because these are divine!

This yellow cake is my all time favorite! So moist and perfect.

Martha Stewart’s Basic Yellow Cake= Makes about 18-20 large cupcakes


4 & 1/4 Cups Flour

3 & 1/3 Cups Sugar

3 1/2 teaspoons Baking Soda

1 & 3/4 teaspoons Baking Powder

pinch of salt

3 Large Eggs plus 1 Yolk

1 & 3/4 Cups Warm Water

2 Cups Buttermilk

3/4 Cups Vegetable Oil (I used a little less)

2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract (I like Almond)


In a mixing bowl, sift all dry ingredients together. Slowly beat in all of your other ingredients. See how easy that was? Bake your cupcakes at 360 degrees for about 20 minutes or until slightly brown on top and firm to the touch. Let cool…and dip in ganache. Top with cute little nests made out of chopped phyllo dough! Yippee!

And there has to be hot cross buns on Easter!!! I followed this recipe (click for recipe!), and although they are a bit dense, they are wonderful. Next time I don’t think I’ll add nutmeg.

Happy Easter to all! I hope your day is filled with butterfly kisses, glee, lots of sugar and dangerous fun. The Easter Bunny Man and I adore you very much! Happy Spring!


BNDQ8 lovely preparation for Easter…Beautifull & Delicious!! Wishing u a very Happy Easter 🙂

marie that egg slicer is really cool, as are the photos.

the great harvest near our house had honey whole wheat bunny. this is not the site from the gh near my house, but this has the picture. really cute and very yummy. i am going to use it for the bread for burgers later. blue cheese burgers !!

Crepes of Wrath The cupcakes are absolutely adorable!

Susan Lovely cupcakes! I especially like the one with the purple bird on top. And I totally agree that Easter isn’t just for little kids. I’ll probably continue baking Easter goods/buying Easter candy & decorations til I’m very very old :D.

Kaitlin These look so perfect! Great job!

I love the shallow depth-of-field on your photos 😀

Memoria A homemade, moist, yellow cake recipe? I’ve been searching for one! I will try this out. Your cupcakes and buns look lovely!

Kirsten You HAVE to try this recipe. Everyone was moaning over it.

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets These are so cute! I even want to be a dietitian in the future, but I love baking and believe occasional indulgences are a must.

Ciaochowlinda Those decorations on top of the cupcakes are just perfection! They really take them to another level.

diva These are soooo drop-dead gorgeous and beautiful, especially the hot cross buns. You take such wonderful food photos, I feel like I’m instantly sucked into the picture. Happy Easter!

kathy Great photos. The cupcake and frosting looks so yummy. I really laugh with that photo of your grandma’s egg slicer. 🙂

SarahWalk What the what? Why the why? I want an easter cupcake!!!

Memoria I am making this yellow cake right now, and the first pan is in the oven. Was your batter really runny? It is almost like water for me. I measured the ingredients exactly. Is there something off on this recipe? I even looked for another copy of Martha Stewart’s Yellow cake recipe and found a completely different one everywhere else. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kirsten Hey lady! The cake batter is very runny, yes. Don’t worry! I hope it all works out! It is my most trusted recipe….so I hope it works ok~!

Barbra Keep posting stuff like this i really like it! Good job friend!

Kirsten Glad you dig it Barbara! Easter is just around the corner….uh oh!

Kirsten Barbra- Thanks Lady! I’ll try and keep it up….oiy vey.

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