Hush Up And Eat A Cookie

Every family could probably be summed up with one or two words. For my family….as my father would put it…”we are talkers and we are walkers.” And man, can we talk.

I am genuinely surprised I didn’t get slapped around a bit as a kid, cuz I just never could shut up. I was always trailing at my mother’s heels, yipping away about something. Maybe that’s why she always answered “mmmhmmm”.

me= “Mom, did the astronauts make the ozone layer?”

mom= “mmmhmmmm”

me= “I don’t get it. Is Alaska an island?”

mom= “mmhmmmmm”

Talking seemed to be useful when selling stuff, though. I grew up in the health food industry, and I could passionately regurgitate anything I heard about anything. When an annoying and unrelentingly chatty child tries to sell you stuff, you buy it right? Well, then…you would have been my most perfect victim.

When I was 8 years old all I wanted to be was a Girl Scout. I could have cared less about crafting or making friends. I was in it for the kill. I wanted to sell cookies…and record amounts of them. However, because I had a hard working single mom, a mullet…and lived in a backwards thinking town….it wasn’t in the stars for me. So, when I saw this recipe for Samoas on Leite’s Culinaria, I knew it was my chance to show them! “Ha! You wouldn’t let me sell your cookies?….well…I’m gonna make these cookies so dang good you’ll wish you could buy them from me!

These Samoas are Divine. Your tongue lands first on the dark chocolate, rich and loving. Then you bite into the crisp buttery goodness of the sugar cookie. And once your mouth become aware of the chewy, luscious, slightly salty caramel coconut topping, it’ll all be up hill from there. This cookie is one big “WOW”.

For the Recipe click HERE!!! I used chewy caramel Werther’s, and they worked better than just fine.

All photos were taken by the ruggedly handsome cowboy, Evan Lentz


marie nice to see you cooking again.

SarahWalk When you said you had a mullet I laughed so hard I cried. You had the best pumpkin pie haircut around! Make me some samoas!!! I’ll pay you!I’ll even order them from you so you can feel like a real girl scout! I wanted to be one too… but, I would’ve probably been kicked out anyways for beating girls up. I had major anger issues when I was little. You may remember.

Kirsten Sarah….sarah….I will send you some samoas. The beauty of my mullet….is that I never had a problem with it until someone commented on it when I was nine. then I was like….huh…I guess my hair is funny. I wasn’t the only little girl you beat up? Dang! i thought i was special. haha…i remember having my face sat on on Mama’s driveway. ahhh…the feeling of cement chafing flesh. I love you…

Sarah S. I rocked a mullet and an ugly doodie-colored Girl Scout Brownie uniform!

Mullets rule! 🙂

Kirsten Rock on!

Christina I love Somoas and I think that these have to be so much better than the boxed variety – can’t wait to try them!

Found you through PW.

Kirsten Christina! These are so good…you really must make them! Thanks so much for visiting..

SarahWalk I love you too!

Memoria Very amusing post :). Great cookies and photos!

Evan I am still working on getting these out of my teeth (mostly because I can’t stop eating them!

Sophie These came out so lovely! Gorgeous photos.

BTW, I’m a cocorosie fan too. LOVE rainbowarriors! 🙂

Kirsten Hey Sophie! You rock and so does your blog!

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