Heal Me Up

Master Gardeners are fascinating workers of magic. How anyone can create a flourishing vegetable garden in this desert boggles my mind. The plump zucchinis that my neighbor harvests from her farm are little miracles. How in the world were they able to retain so much water in this cruel climate?! I learned a long time ago that my green thumb has a limit. Instead of wasting my money and time on trying to create an abundant plot of growing vegetables, I have decided to stick with what I’m good at. Basil.

Yes. Basil. This plant’s culinary versatility is truly amazing. Tossed into a fresh salad or simmered in a stir fry, its flavor infuses the meal with a healing energy. Yes. I just said that. I’m a hippie from Boulder.

When I began the process of making this heavenly pesto, Evan said “I want a BIG BIG bowl of it. Are you gonna make a HUGE bowl….because I could eat this stuff every day.” He kept trying to dip things in it when I wasn’t looking. “Evan!” I yelled. “You have to make it last. Pesto is sort of like a delicacy. One can’t take it for granted.” To me, pesto is somewhat of a sacred and powerful creation. It is meant to be savored, allowing the flavors to slowly melt on your tongue and work a bit of magic.

This basil concoction is perfect spread over a piece of grilled chicken or spooned over a bowl of pasta. I have even been adding it to my scrambled eggs in the morning.

Perfect Thick Pesto


2 Packed Cups of Fresh Basil Leaves

1/4 Cup Plus 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

2-3 Garlic Cloves, Crushed

1/2 Cup Grated Parmesan

1/4 Cup Pine Nuts

Salt and Pepper to Taste


Add your basil to a food processor. Pulse for a bit. Now add half of your olive oil and your crushed garlic. Pulse again. Add your pine nuts and the rest of your olive oil. Pulse. Add your Parmesan and pulse. Scrape down the sides of your food processor and pulse pesto until smooth and dreamy. Taste and salt. If you like it super garlicky, by all means…add more to your heart’s delight!

All Photos were taken by the Dreamy lover of Pesto, Evan Lentz.


marie a neighbor gave me some pesto. i had it on some fresh pasta. i am burbing it.

i also got some roasted tomatoe hazelnut pesto at whole foods. and a few months ago, some basil pastachio. do not be afraid to play with the “rules” of pesto.

have missed you !!

SarahWalk Kir, your pesto is the besto.

Kirsten Ha! Sarah…your love is like a dove from above….swooping down to give me a kiss on the head to make sure I’m not dead. hmmm

SarahWalk Hmmmm, indeed.

SeattleDee Basil should be a food group all by itself… basil pesto, basil ice cream, basil tomato salad, basil mojitos, basil-wrapped shrimp, basil perfume, basil almost anything!

Kirsten Seattle- I couldn’t agree with you more! Basil perfume would be heavenly……

RD 😀
I’ve been craving pesto pasta for a while, and then you updated this website. YAY.
I’m looking forward to making this!

Kirsten RD- perhaps I’m psychic.. Hope you dig it!

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