Worth Every Bean

Supporting oneself as a barista and functioning as a recovering coffeeholic is a sick and twisted joke. Five days a week I breathe in the rich aroma of this caffeinated beverage, causing every nerve in my body to scream for a perfectly crafted cappuccino. Java. Battery Acid. Brew. Mud. Gimme. Gimme. The gods must be laughing.

Why Oh Why would I ever surrender my daily cup of Jo? A handful of reasons that would bore you to death. Let’s just say that on espresso, the CIA could quite possibly use me as a lethal weapon.

So when I found an irresistible recipe for coffee ice cream, I figured what the hell. I’ve been a good girl….I deserve a bit of zip in my life.

If you dream of sweet and creamy Au Laits then this ice cream is for you…..cuz you deserve some zip too.

Coffee Ice Cream recipe adapted from The Perfect Scoop


2 Cups Whole Milk

3/4 Cup Sugar

1 & 1/2 Cups Whole Coffee Beans

Pinch of Salt

1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream

5 Egg Yolks

1/4 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1 Tablespoon Coarsely ground coffee


Place your beans, coffee grinds, pinch of salt and sugar in a pot. Pour your milk, sugar and half of your cream into the pot. Heat until steaming. Stir and make sure your mixture doesn’t boil! Now turn the heat off, place a lid on the pot and let it be for an hour. Go for a walk, brush your dog or look at some cool photos.

Now heat your bean and milk mixture until steaming again. In a separate bowl, whisk your egg yolks. Slowly temper the coffee milk into your yolks. If you have a little ladle, just add a ladle at a time to your yolks and stir a bit. Keep doing that until yolks are warm, then pour your yolk mixture into your milk mixture. Whisk whisk whisk as you do this. It may take about 10 minutes, but whisk this mixture on medium heat until you can coat a spoon. Make sure you are whisking so that the stuff on the bottom doesn’t burn.

Now put the reserved cream in a big bowl with a mesh strainer on top. Pour your heated mixture into the sieve over the cream. Get as much strained as possible. Throw away or compost the leftover beans. Whisk in your vanilla. Chill your concoction until cold, and place in your ice cream maker….and let it go until it is frozen. Indulge

All photos were taken by the ridiculously talented Mr. Lentz. I toned by right deltoid by holding the flash.


Michelle Very cool photos! I think you need that mocha sauce from The Perfect Scoop to go with your ice cream. : )

Kirsten Michelle=thanks! oh yummm….the mocha sauce does sound goood.

joseph zawislan You deserve it. It looks sooooooo delicous!!! Just give in the dark side and start drinking coffee again! I give you a lot of credit for your willpower though.

SarahWalk Looks amazing. My sister-in-law just made Mexican Vanilla chocolate icecream. Soooo good. I’m a big fan of homemade icecream now.

Kirsten Oh my! That sounds heavenly, sarah. Did you get your B-day package? I forgot to add something to it!

SarahWalk Yes! I loved it! Although, if you haven’t ordered the magazine subscription yet don’t. I’m moving on the 31st, and will have a differnt address. I’m sorry I didn’t call you and thank you. I’ve been crazy busy. I’m kinda homeless right now as well, so my mind isn’t working. Love you bunches. When I get my new addy I’ll email it to you.

marie kristen, have you heard about antoine dotson. i did a little post about him on my blog. he is so cool. please come visit.

Alice I want to subscribe to your blog but can’t see where on your site to do that? Is it just me?

Kirsten Alice- good question! I don’t have a subscription button, but I bet I can figure out how to install one. Evan is in Peru at the moment, but when he gets back in two weeks we’ll figure it out. Thanks so much for the suggestion and support!

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