Move Those Hips

Why do drunk frat dudes love to spray people with beer? Honestly, no one likes it. You might as well have smacked me in the face…at least then my hair would still look cute, my blouse wouldn’t be destroyed and I’d still smell like my yummy cotton candy perfume leftover from junior high.

The !!! CHK CHIK CHICK and Light Asylum rocked the house at our local venue on Saturday. Within the first five minutes my left foot became cemented to the floor due to a mixture of sticky beer and gum, making it rather impossible to groove to the music. Soon after I became glued to one spot, the lead singer from Chk Chik Chick jumped down from the stage and kinda got in my face. Freaked out by how close he was getting to me, I tried to move backwards and almost fell into the sea of people behind me.

The singer gave me a weird look, like “hey freako. I’m a famous dude who’s singing to you, why do you look so upset?” If he only would have hushed up a bit and given me a chance to explain, I would have said “Oh. I’m sorry Singer Sir. Do I look repulsed? That’s only because I’m frightened that if the fire in Gold Hill consumed this club right now, I wouldn’t be able to escape because my left foot is stuck. Oh, and that jerk next to me just sprayed his entire bottle of Corona all over me…and umm…you are a little too close to me for comfort. Move along please.” But he seemed like a cool enough guy and there really wasn’t an immediate need to interrupt him. If I had known their names perhaps I would have invited the band over for dinner. “Come on over to our place and have some Indian Food. We’ve got an amp and a microphone. Let’s eat some curry and jam out.” But that would have been awkward and slightly creepy.

Served piping hot, these potatoes are perfectly coated with mouth watering spices. A dash of chopped green onions add an extra zing and crunch.

Cumin Potatoes recipe adapted from 200 Curries


1 Pound Yukon Potatoes (peeled, quartered and boiled until cooked)

4-6 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil

3 Teaspoons Cumin Seeds

2 Teaspoons Ground Cumin

2 Teaspoons Ground Coriander

1-2 Teaspoons Ground Tumeric


3 Green Onions Chopped

Lime wedges for squeezing


Heat your oil in wok or a frying a pan of your choice. Add your cumin seeds and let sizzle for about a minute. Now add the rest of your spices and stir into a paste. Add your potatoes and cook on medium high for about 6 minutes. Stir to evenly coat the sides of your potatoes. Now add the green onions and salt to taste. Cook for another minute. Oh yesssss. These look as good as they taste. Now serve these taters up and squeeze a bit of lime over them. You deserve these tasty starches…so load up!

The gorgeous photos above were taken by Evan Lentz. Thanks for loving curry more than me!


marie love me some spicy taters. thank you for this new variation.

SarahWalk Yum yum!

tigerfish I love Indian food and this is another winner for me! :)…easy to prepare but delicious it must be.

Michelle Sorry the concert experience wasn’t better! Yuck. On the other hand, these potatoes look awesome!

Pam @ Cooking World I love Indian food or any spicy (relative enough) food. I am sorry your music experience was not good though.

ILUVCURRY Just back from the grocery story with the cumin seeds & fresh cilantro required for this recipe. Got some yellow potatoes at a local farm market yesterday. So dinner tonight is Cumin Potatoes, Peanut Curried Chicken ( from the daring cooks challenge on, and Chickpea-Chocolate Brownies (!

Marilyn YUM. A humble potatoe now looks gorgeous and tastes divine with the addition of pizzaz with a few spices. These potatoes rock..won’t the co-workers be jealous tomorrow as I have a few leftovers-Yeah. Now what can you tell me to do with acorn and butternut squash… THANKYOU For making my taste buds sigh in approval….

Kirsten Marilyn! I’m so happy you dug the potatoes! There’s nothing I love more than roasted Squash. I love to cut one in half, scrape out the insides and then lather it up with some olive oil. Heat the oven to 420, place the squash cut side down and stab it a bit with a knife. Roast for about 20-35 minutes…or until it is easy to stab with a fork. serve with butter and maybe some maple syrup..yummmm and super easy.

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