The Language Keeper

If within earshot of a conversation taking place in a foreign tongue, Evan take it as his que. Hearing someone rant in Italian, sing in French, or cough in German…switches a light bulb on in his head.

Usually I can it feel coming….for it is inevitable. He gets this crazy look in his eye and calmly clears his throat. He dramatically opens his mouth and out fall words so ancient in energy they make my spine hurt. A combination of 20 different languages with a hint of Pig Latin, it is truly unique. As the sole person on earth possessing the ability to speak this un-written dialect, he must be careful who he shares it with…but I’ll give you a few hints as to how it works. Perhaps you can channel it as well.

Close your eyes and breathe in 1, 2, 3. Now pretend you are in the middle of a lavender field, entertaining guests and nibbling away at wild plums. A language is spilling from you, so familiar that you are presently wondering how you ever forgot it.  “Verla voushe hourla ssssshwi pa? Shoue toute!! fta fta!” Ahhh, now you’re getting the hang of it.

The magical flavors and colors of this orange scented Plum Dimple Cake will undoubtedly assist in your remembrance. As the days tick on by and we feel less like children, never ever let go of that youthful imagination of yours. For it will bring radiant light forth from your eyes and perhaps frighten away the crow’s feet.

Light and slightly crumbly, this cake is best eaten a day after it is made.

For this Plum Dimple Cake I followed Smitten Kitchen’s recipe and added a dash of cardamom. What a perfect way to summon one’s imagination.

All pictures were taken by the “Language Keeper”, Evan Lentz. “prutuuuuue!”


Elizabeth Wow these pictures are beautiful! And the cake sounds delicious, very fragrant. I can really imagine myself on this beach right now, about to enjoy a slice…

ApplesandOnions What beautiful beautiful pictures. Glad I found your blog (via Tastespotting)!

Kirsten Apples And Onion! I’m so happy you dig it! Keep comin’ back!

joseph zawislan I think I was fortunate enough to try a piece of that cake. It was delicous as it appears in those pictures!! I think you are so right about approaching life with a child’s imagination. Life is too short to grow up. And thanks for the recipe!!

SarahWalk Oh my goodness. You two are amazing. You’re food and Evan’s pictures compliment eachother so well. As do both of you. I love you guys. Miss you too!

Evan-Seriously you rock. I looked at your photog website…WOW! I don’t know how you do it! They are all so wonderful. I especially like that blonde sweedish model you have. Now, that’s a real woman.

Kirsten Sarah!!!!- haha! I laughed til I fell off my rocker! Love you my dearest lady friend!

SarahWalk Love you more doll face.

Deb and Andy We’ll be there at 8 sharp! YUM!!!! What beautiful website, photos and personality. Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you so very much for sharing, that’s a unique gift and I know you will be successful with it.

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