Such Perfect Timing

Finally. A source with great clout has deemed Guinness to be a classy, sexy drink….when it isn’t chased by a shooter of poison that is. Ahh sweet Guinness. You are loved for your smooth, rich, chocolaty body. You are sturdy, silky perfection. And combined with a sparkly, teasing beverage? Better than a Goldendoodle, by far.

Black Velvet from The NY Times, oh yeah

Combine equal parts of our Beloved Guinness and Champagne. Patience is required during this integration, for the explosion of foam can be brilliant.

All photos were taken by our non-Irish red head, Evan Lentz.


SarahW If I drank, I would drink something cool like BLACK VELVET. Sounds so seductive.

marie woooooow zers !!!

things are all hip hopping with the layout !!

Michelle Intriguing!

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