“What are you eating?” I whispered to my great aunt. “What in the world is that?!”

Stopping mid-bite, she slowly glanced around the room, wondering who else had caught her. When her eyes finally reached mine, her head was tilted downward like a pitiful golden retriever who had been caught eating the Thanksgiving turkey.

Auntie Phoebe sat perched at her kitchen table, daintily fondling some peculiar looking sandwich. With only the tips of her fingers touching the bread it was like she either didn’t want to crush her delicate lunch or she didn’t want to fully claim the meal as her own.

“Oh, it’s absolutely scrumptious. You really must try it,” she said with a slightly Southern accent. Between two very white pieces of bread were slivers of something green nuzzled into puddles of brown goo. Pushing it towards my face she instructed, “just close your eyes and taste it.” Following her directions, I blindly ventured into my 80-year-old aunt’s culinary world. “Don’t you love it?,” she asked, quietly clapping her hands? Crunchy, salty, tart, nutty and barely sweet. O.K. I loved it.

A peanut butter and pickle sandwich taught me to never be skeptical of strange flavor combinations. Fried chicken and chocolate glaze? Bring it! Avocado buttercream and wheatgrass scented cake? Hell yeah! Thank you Auntie for always surprising me and tricking me into thinking outside the box.

Peanut Butter And Pickle Sandwich recipe by Phoebe Myers


2 pieces of Bread

2 Pickles, thinly sliced

2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter


Spread your peanut butter evenly over a piece of bread. Pile your pickles on top and place the other piece of bread over the pickles. Devour.


Kazia Jankowski I love this combination as well, try adding jelly and a slice of salami!

Kirsten Kazia- Jelly and Salami?!!! Wowza. Love it!

Evan Oh god, my mouth is getting warm and frothy, there is no way I would eat pickles and peanut butter, or eggs and ketchup, or eggplant ever again. I like the way you describe it – you make me laugh!

SarahLaP I must try!

Cookie Have you ever had chocolate gravy over buttered toast? It’s an old southern breakfast treat…..

Kirsten Cookie-Chocolate gravy and toast?!! Yummmmmmmmm

Christi Abercrombie OH, my!!! Kirsten, I’m just now seeing this!!! Mom taught me to LOVE PB&P sandwiches growing up….I think it’s a Lintner thing, LOL!

Kirsten Christ- so glad you saw this post!! You mother is SO adorable and brilliant beyond belief. Love, Kirsten

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