Bosom Buddies- Part 1

If Sarah hadn’t existed, I would probably have been a rather lonely and pitiful kid. I would have played more games of Moniply and Scrabble by myself and I would have watched more episodes of Matlock with my grandmother. But Sarah found me when I was 3 years old. She wandered into my backyard, having run away from her home yet again, and rescued me from my solitary life as an only child. She introduced me to adventure, country music and her wild sense of humor.

Sarah came out to visit a few months ago, towards the end of our windy, sunny winter. As I filtered through these photographs, I came to realize that because of this feisty city girl, I have always had a sister. No one can make me laugh as hard, weep as freely, sing as loud or feel as safe as the lovely Sarah. Adopted sisters, yes we are, and I thank the heavens for that.

When we were younger I would carry her and tote her anywhere she wanted to go. So tiny, she was like a little monkey that would cling to my back as I did things that could have killed us both.

And then one of us….or both of us would get hurt. But we found that there’s nothing which laughter, sparkling juice and Utz chips can’t fix. So get up, brush the dirt off your filthy clothes and keep tackling life.

And keep running towards the people and things you love without hesitation. Run, leap, sprint, jump and cartwheel your way blissfully down life’s road.

All photographs were taken by the very talented Evan Lentz.

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Eggton This just makes me happy. I wish you both lots of brightness ahead. I am from Virginia, and if you guys have to be in different places, Virginia is a beautiful place for her to be!

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