Bosom Buddies-Part 2

If there’s anyone who can convince me to bake with artificial colors and decorate a cake just for the heck of it, it’s Sarah. When she proposed that we make a rainbow cake, tall and majestic, I worried. She has always been the more spontaneous girl while I have been the practical worry monger. With only a couple of sticks of butter in the fridge, what could we possibly do? But when Sarah went crazy with a glue gun and created these cute flags, I knew that we had to make the most rockin’ cake ever to have been assembled in a farmhouse.

If I could kidnap anyone, preventing them from returning home, it would be my bosom buddy. I cried during half of this photo shoot. I couldn’t make eye contact with Sarah because the waterworks would start streaming. So I just kept my eyes on the cake and pretended she wasn’t about to board a plane back to Virginia.

So get out those radical, ADHD causing colors and go mad. Make something for only yourself and those you love most. Let the colors shine and go just a bit overboard.

Sarah, thank you for being the best.

All photographs were taken by the man who is allergic to red food coloring, our very own ginger, Evan Lentz.


Cookie What great pictures! I’ve been wanting to make a rainbow cake…..,but I was kind of afraid of all that food coloring. 🙂 I love the way you made it small and tall, and the flags were a perfect topping. Great friends are rare. I’m glad you two have each other!

SarahLaP I just noticed this post!! I miss you like the dickens my little hippy! I can’t wait to you again and cry and bake more.
And we used beet juice for the red dye!

Kazia Jankowski Your pictures are adorable! And what a fun cake to make, hope it tasted good too!

Elizabeth Rainbow cakes are the best!

lynn @ the actor’s diet i’ve been obsessed w rainbow cakes lately. i really want to eat one!

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