Guts And Grace

It has been over three months since I have visited this space. I have been running away from it, actually. Running away from the work it requires, Running away from knowing that SliceOfFeist is no longer the fusion of a couple’s artwork, Running away from the fact that cooking rarely occurs in my home now, and Running away from how much I love to nurture this space. Each time I have typed something beginning with an “s” into my browser, would pop up, and I would run away. Closing my eyes. Pushing any button to make it disappear. With panic rising in my blood, teeth clenching and heart ache taking over, I would promise myself that this space still patiently waited for me. That I could always return.

I awoke on August 2nd, one year older and absolutely alert. Alert to the choices begging to be made and alert to the bluish fog that had been blurring my vision. So, I had to leave this little space for a wee time to 1. fully launch into my cake business, Slice Of Feist, (located at The Niwot Market!!!), 2. re-charge and re-ignite my creative powers, 3. learn how to do a handstand 4. understand the art of alchemy 4. and walk away from my almost 8 year relationship with the ever lovely and talented Mr Lentz. Yes, it has been quite a ride. And although it has been hard and trying, it has also been a wonderful, empowering and hugely productive ride. Every day I wake up and say “thank you.” My grandmother worked like hell to infuse me with her guts and grace, and I think perhaps she may have succeeded.


SarahLaP It’s nice to have you back Lover. I’m so excited for your future. You are the most talented woman I know. The cuppy cakes are beautiful, and I’m sure they taste like heaven.

You can do this Kir.

You is smart.
You is kind.
You is beautiful.


Mr. Lentz Kirsten – I am so proud of you. I am glad to see you are back to writing again and can’t wait to read more and see more recipes! I sure as hell am going to need that extra help in making a tasty dish!

Kirsten Evan- Thanks!!!!!!!! You are wonderful, and I know that you can cook up a mean dish. You don’t need my help, you just need to follow your taste buds.

marie you know what you need.

Kirsten Marie- A good night’s sleep? haha!

Cookie Amazing things happen when we let go of what has been and embrace what is to come…… Birthing a new self is always precarious, but always worth it. As you are discovering, lots of guts mixed with inspired grace opens doors you never could have imagined before. I’ve taken many gutsy leaps and each time my life got bigger and full of more love.

Thanks for sharing your newly-found self with us, Kirsten. You have SO MUCH to offer, and CAKE is one of the best ways to offer your gutsy gracefulness to all of us! 🙂 …..also, you are a very talented writer, please don’t stop writing and sharing how you see the world through your words. Your words are as important as your cakes.

Kirsten Cookie- What a great way to put it. “birthing a new self”. Perfect. Thank you for all of your lovely comments and your wonderful presence.

Carrie “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Kirsten Carrie- Amen!

Dave Welcome back, you were missed 🙂

Linjung kim Hi kirsten! I’m so proud of you for starting your own cake business! Congratulations! Today I went to the farmer’s market and bought a bunch of green veggies, came home and suddenly had no desire to cook. And suddenly I remembered your website- Trust me, you are not alone! We are all going through crazy turmoil and changes but somehow you remember to appreciate the little things, the positive forces that are always there for us when we need it. And good luck with doing a handstand- those things are challenging! Well, take care talented woman. I wish you the best!

Anna What a beautiful post! You are inspiring as always lady. And you have to teach me your handstand secrets sometime. Loves. xx

Delighted In Dallas You can have your cake and eat your cupcakes too! Ms. Larsen’s cunning culinary craftsmanship was put the test recently when I ordered a Sweet 16th Birthday cake (red velvet) and chocolate cupcakes with just a few days notice. Her cake baking mastery produced a dessert display as pleasing to the eye as it was the palate. The cake was beatifully decorated and the taste was incredible; the cupcakes were simply scrumptious.

Niwot Market is the place to go for cakes and cupcakes.

Kirsten Alan- you are the best!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. It was a pleasure baking for you and your family. I hope to make many more cakes for you in the future. Kindest Regards, Kirsten

Nancy/SpicieFoodie Hi Kirsten, I’m sorry to have discovered your blog right when you are taking a break. But there is more important things for you to take care of right now. Wishing you the best of luck and continued success with your business. In the meantime I’ll devour your archives. BTW I love the last on your about page, so much fun 🙂 Happy Holiday!

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