I devour cookbooks like trashy novels, only to crave more. My hunger for culinary knowledge and Martha Stewart kitchen gadgets has only heightened over the years, requiring some form of outlet. So, welcome to Slice of Feist, where we aim to please your palette and sense of humor.

My passion for food is undying and dang near close to obsession. Whether it be a lovely stir fry, a simple salad or a decadent torte, feeding the ones you adore is the absolute expression of love.

To quote my father in regards to our family, “we are walkers and we are talkers.” I could easily walk 10 straight miles and talk the whole way. So to spare the people I love from having to hear my never-ending stories, I write. And I cook. Slice of Feist is a place where I can entertain you with my quirky, strange and sometimes twisted tales. Thank you so much for visiting this wonderful little space. You brighten my day with your comments and company.

Slice of Feist now offers Cakes, Tarts, Tortes, Cupcakes and Decadent Desserts at The Niwot Market. Located in Niwot, Colorado (just North of Boulder and Just South of Longmont), the Niwot Market is a family owned grocery store that supports local farmers and entrepreneurs such as myself. Come visit and talk about food with me! Maybe I’ll feed you something sweet….

Oh, Yes. And if you live in South Boulder and crave a slice of cake made by yours truly, head on over to The Southern Sun. Cuz you’ll find what you’re looking for there…..mmmmhmmm

If you would like to place any special orders, please feel free to contact me. It would make my day!

Thank you so much for dropping by Slice Of Feist. Please feel free to comment away!

Slice Of Feist Loves You Like Crazy:


Becky I love your pictures, your description of you and your food and such, and i LOVE your recipes!! thank you for sharing!! 🙂 i look forward to reading your blog more!!!

Kirsten Becky- Thanks so much! I’m glad you dig this little space that we’ve created. You’ve made my day!

Daddy-O You are a superstar!

Kirsten Dad- Perhaps someday… Love you lots!

Kirsten I love your blog almost as much as I love your name.

Kirsten Kirsten!!!! Thanks so much for commenting! So glad you love this little space, and I adore your name as well.

Annie Hey, I found you pretty randomly but I gotta say you’re hilarious and the blog looks really good!

Kirsten Annie, so glad you like this little space. Your blog is awesome as well! I am taking a bit of time off from blogging, but I should be back shortly, so come back soon for more materials and stories! -Kirsten

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