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Coffee and Electric Guitars

My first taste of coffee was provided to me by my father. Starting at the age of three, I was allowed a few tiny droplets each morning from his heavily sweetened cup of Joe. It was our secret ritual and my mother undoubtedly would have been quite upset if she had discovered that her toddler […]

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Spell It Out

This Valentines Day make a mixed CD for your lover with this song on it. Too girly? Sorry ’bout that. How about this one? Too Country? Dang. This one will get you dancing for sure. Get your man to stay in bed Monday morning so that you can whip up a simple yet romantic breakfast […]

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Such Perfect Timing

Finally. A source with great clout has deemed Guinness to be a classy, sexy drink….when it isn’t chased by a shooter of poison that is. Ahh sweet Guinness. You are loved for your smooth, rich, chocolaty body. You are sturdy, silky perfection. And combined with a sparkly, teasing beverage? Better than a Goldendoodle, by far. […]

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