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The Sky’s the Limit

You came here hoping to get away from it all. The cliches. The smell of leftover fireworks and champagne. The dirty kitchen. The ever exhausting talk about boring weather and possible droughts. Well my friends, as my ex-step-grandfather once said, “Good Luck With That.” For today is the day. Your New Year’s Resolutions must be […]

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Curing Curry

After reading THIS article from the BBC, I figured I should get some curry into me as soon as possible. If curry has been shown to kill cancer cells, imagine the magic it can work on the flu! I’m one of those weirdos who collects recipes. Whenever I find a good one I rip it […]

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Evan and I have been feasting on this fish chowdah for a few nights. I got so excited when I saw THIS recipe on my favorite food blog, Simply Recipes, that I decided there was no excuse not to make it. I also wanted an excuse to say “Chowdah!” as much as I could. “I’m […]

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